We believe in ethical pricing

Pay What You Can

It is a fair pricing model that takes into account harsh times, but also unscheduled events like a global pandemic.

It allows you to fine tune the monthly price to suit your current situation.

We hope that it will allow you to easily transition to a digital menu, and in turn make your business flourish.

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Frequently asked questions about the pricing

Can I try zimenu for free?

Of course! Registration and access to the menu creation interface are completely free. Then you can activate your account, with our 'pay what you can' model, to let your customers use your menu.

Why did you choose this pricing model?

We wanted to offer a service that anybody, regardless of their financial situation, could use to help them adapt to the current pandemic and grow their business.

What price is fair for the service you are offering?

Based on the market and the quality of our service, we believe that a fair price would be $25 per month.

Can I change the price after activating my account?

Yes of course! You can update your monthly price at any time.

If I pay a lower price, do I have less features?

No. When you activate your account, regardless of the price you selected, you will have access to all our features.

Are there any hidden fees?

No! Your monthly subscription includes everything we have to offer.

Is there a minimum price?

As a business, you know, that there are expenses that cannot be avoided. So there is a bare minimum price of $2 per month. But to be clear, our pricing model is also based on honesty and mutual help, and if everyone chooses the bare minimum, it won't be sustainable in the long term

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