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Digital Menus: Future to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

Written By Iram Ghafoor | March 19, 2021

Restaurants Includes coffee shop, cafeteria, pub, and any others using menus.

With the new era of digitalization, why are some businesses left behind?  

That is what makes innovative digital menus so powerful. This technology can be a key to transform your business. But also to enhance customer engagement and effectively manage your business’ operations. 

There is no doubt that in the next five years, there will be more interactive menus than paper menus, and eventually the paper menu will go away” says Jack Serfass- CEO of Uptown Network. 

Businesses are using digital menus to avoid the pitfalls of traditional menus. It also allows to cut some extra costs associated with them. Digital menus are more attractive and functional. But also cost-effective, compared to traditional paper menus or chalkboard menus.  

In 2010, Burger King deployed digital menu displays throughout London, resulting in a 64% lift in sales in just one year. Though a big marketing machine, Burger King always offers something to learn when it comes to attracting customers and boosting revenues.

When a fast-food restaurant can make so much from digital menus, think about its benefits for traditional food establishments. 

So, let’s learn why digital menus are the future of dining! 

What is a Digital Menu?

The digital menu or QR code menu is an innovative substitute to the outdated chalkboard or paper menus. It is an efficient and convenient menu system. It displays the contents of a menu on smartphones, tablets, or computer screens. With a variety of vibrant food pictures and compelling descriptions. 

With a digital menu, your customers can quickly scroll through all items. They can instantly make choices. With QR-based menus, customers can see your menu on their smartphones. This without downloading an app!

Some Exciting Facts About Digital Menus 

  • 63% of customers report that digital menus with high-quality content and visuals catch their attention. 
  • Digital menus can help increase overall sales by 3-5%. 
  • 30% of customers say that digital menus influence their purchase decision. 
  • Digital menus can reduce perceived wait time by up to 35%. 
  • Digital menus can help increase brand awareness by up to 31%.
  • The recall rate of digital menus is about 83%.

Top Features of a Digital Menu

Ease of Customization

As the business grows, it constantly evolves to suit the needs of the business operations and customers. Digital menus allow you to choose from a variety features. For instance, templates, business logos, menu items, pictures, and more to create a menu that compliments your brand.

Moreover, you can customize content to reflect seasons and special occasions and attract more customers with an appealing display. 

Interactive Menu and Visual Appeal 

Since you can fully customize digital menus, it allows you to categorize various menu items and groups. So your customers don’t have to scroll through a large list of items. They can navigate or use the search bar to find an item and order exactly what they are looking for. 

Moreover, you can add catchy descriptions and pictures to each menu item, offering enhanced customer experience. You can also add other enticing content to keep customers engaged and for them to wait for the order while being entertained. 

Comfortable User-experience 

Customers nowadays are looking for a quick and easy user experience. Digital menus offer an appealing and convenient menu to customers while ensuring their safety. Unlike PDF menus who are often very difficult to read on small screens.

Built-In Innovative Features

A digital menu allows you to schedule menu items and automatically displays them at a specific time of the day. For example, a digital menu can automatically rotate menu items from breakfast to lunch or dinner by hiding and replacing them from the menu of your choice in one click from your smartphone.

Additionally, a digital menu allows you to add promotions directly from your smartphone during a service. This allows a food establishment to avoid throwing food and therefore to increase its revenues while doing the right thing. In the near future, no food establishment will ever throw out leftovers at the end of a service. Instead, they will find a new type of customers more inclined to last deal promotions.

Too Good To Go is the perfect example of what the future entails with their slogan being “Save Food help the Planet”. The next generation digital menu will, instinctively, connect your business to your “new type” of customers to sell the leftovers, for a reduced price. This will allow you to increase your revenues, to improve your image as a business caring for the planet, and to bring a new type of customers that love new deals. A digital menu allows you to do exactly that! 

Multi-Language Support

Digital menus often support translations. This is a massive plus for your customer experience. Especially, if your establishment is in a touristic area, where most of your clientele is from a foreign country. It can also increase your business’ productivity since there is no time wasted on explaining the dishes to tourists. You can read more about the benefits of translating your menu here.

Here at zimenu we have created an innovative way to easily translate your menu with no extra fees. With a press of a button you can translate your whole menu with google translate, which can save a lot of time. And since automatic translations aren’t perfect you can then easily correct the mistakes if there are any manually.

Ease of Access 

With modern digital menus, all you need is an internet connection to access your menu from anywhere and at any time. It helps ensure the consistency and efficiency of your business operations.  

A good example of how this could be useful is when you run out of a certain product of your menu. With a simple click from your smartphone, you can hide that product from anyone looking at your menu. This eliminates the frustration of the customer that can’t order what he wants.

Revenue-Boosting Benefits of Digital Menus 


Traditional menus require you to spend a handsome amount to design, print, redesign, and reprint menus. 

Digital menus allow you to eliminate all these costs as you can easily design and edit them in real-time. You don’t have to print menus or reprint new menus every time you decide to make a small change to the menu, thus eliminating material cost. 

Digital menus also save you money in the long run by ensuring overall cost reduction while offering better results. Your digital menu is innovative, customizable, and adaptable to your customer needs without spending extra money. 

Improve Customer Experience

What’s the biggest frustration in a restaurant or other eating spots? 

Waiting for a waiter to give you the menu for you to start searching your ideal dish! 

Digital menu makes the whole process faster and gives your customers all the information as soon as they walk in. They don’t have to call a waiter to start looking at the menu. 

Since digital menus allow you to add mouth-watering images and compelling descriptions with each food item, it attracts customers and keeps them happy. A study reveals that 63% of people find digital menus with beautiful pictures appealing.

So, digital menus enhance the customer experience by giving them a nice visual treat. It elevates the dining experience of your customers.

Rotate Menus  

Manually rotating paper or chalkboard menus throughout the day? SUPER TIRING, right? 

Having a digital menu makes the job easy for you, you can rotate the menu, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, throughout the day with just a swipe of a finger. 

Editing Menu Items 

Promoting new menu items is simple and efficient with digital menus. You can update your menu item list anytime to include new items, photos, descriptions, or promotions. Digital menus also allow you to change the prices of products remotely on your smartphone in one click.  

This not only offers you to stay current and compliant but also save you cost on printing and reprinting menus. 

Boost Overall Sales 

Investing in a digital menu is a one-time deal that brings huge results. It helps eliminate several costs, including menu printing, shipping, reprinting, and labor. 

In addition to this, digital menus allow you to promote any element of the menu but also deals to drive more sales. Since digital menus are modern, minimalist, and innovative, they encourage customers to buy and return. So, you are investing less and making more. 

Streamline Ordering 

Since a digital menu showcases appealing visuals, it encourages your customer to make quick decisions. They don’t have to read the whole menu to decide on a food item. They just look at the food and order it right away. 

It also improves your customer service rating and the chances are you’ll have more returning customers. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Since digital menus are customizable, you can display the brand logo along with the menu. It helps increase your brand awareness and imprints the brand logo in the minds of customers. 

Imagine your customers seeing your business logo when scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. They can immediately associate it with “mouth-watering food” and may want to return for more delicious food. 

Meet Health Care Regulations

Health care regulations are gradually becoming more prominent. Big restaurants are required to display calorie counts next to each menu item. We may expect other food establishments to comply with this in the future. We all know, businesses need to stay in compliance with laws. 

Updating the calorie count for each menu item can be a test to achieve with traditional blackboard or paper menus. Yet, digital menus offer convenience to display and update calorie count with your menu items without a fuss. 

Bring Digital Menus to Your Business

Digital menus not only come with brilliant features but also offer real benefits to improve your customer service. You can manage operations more effectively, and boost your sales. 


In this article we learned: 

  • Digital menus are an innovative, technological alternative to traditional paper and chalkboard menus. 
  • Digital menus come with convenient features. Such as customization, visual appeal, item editor, multilingual support, and more.  
  • Digital menus offer revenue-boosting benefits to food establishments. It creates an impressive customer experience.  

You learned all the amazing features and benefits of digital menus. Are you ready to bring this revenue-boosting menu to your Business? 

To let you enjoy all the amazing benefits of a digital menu mentioned above, zimenu is here to help. It allows you to create a standout, engaging, and functional digital menu. Click here to learn more.

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