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How does it work?

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    Signup and create your menu, with your own design in a few clicks

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    Print and place your personal qr code in your establsihment

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    The customer scans the qr code, and has access to your menu

Why use zimenu?

Ease of use

We focused all our efforts, in making zimenu as simple as possible for anyone on any device.

Unlimited Changes

From any devices, access your menu to add, modify, hide or promote any product in no time.

Control your brand

Share informations about your business and fine tune your design to fit your branding.

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Multilingual Menu

Translate your menu yourself or with the help of an automated translator.

Your Own QR Code

Easily print your QR code that leads to your custom URL with your stunning menu.

Add promotions

From any device, add promotions on any element of your menu at any moment of the day

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two women looking at a digital qr code menu on a smartphone

Stand out

Surprise your customers with a menu they've never seen before : a unique design, beautiful pictures and translations.

Customers in a restaurant chatting.

Attract new customers

With zimenu your satisfied customers can easily share your menu, and increase your visibility.

A restaurant owner managing her inventory

Reduce losses and food waste

Set up promotions from your smartphone to sell items you really need to sell today.

A close up picture of someone editing their digital qr menu on their smartphone

No time wasted

Make updates on the fly : add, hide, delete and promote products to align your menu to your inventory.

A young restaurant owner with a surgical mask and gloves handing out a doggy bag.

Stay safe

Zimenu helps you protect your customers and employees from the current pandemic.

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Our Mission

Zimenu is an ethical Company that inspires, through its actions, sustainable commitments to the Food Industry, its employees, and local communities.

the menu

We think the menu should be more than a piece a paper. We want to transform it into a tool that helps your business flourish.


The food industry has hit a major obstacle with the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to play our part in helping it adapt to this crisis.


We want to be a Company that leads by example through ethical actions and long term commitments. We also want to address enviromental problems and reduce food waste.

An ethical pricing model

Pay What You Can

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